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When you visit our specialist team at Davies and Lowry you're in safe hands to help you choose the right glasses for you. 




We'll help you choose the perfect prescription lenses and frame for you with our many years of experience. Our range is always updating and we are continually working to offer you the best in lens technology.

You don't need to worry, we'll advise you on the thickness of your lenses, different materials, varying lens designs, and we can help you plan your particular requirements such as suitable coatings and tints. 

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Choosing the right frame for your face is essential for your own comfort and style. We are always happy to give you honest advice that you can trust when choosing your frame shape and colour. You'll leave here with glasses that look great and fit well, ensuring they are always comfortable. 


We think it's important that you love your glasses. We're always looking for different designers you won't find on the high street so your glasses are as individual as you are!

Sports and Safety Eyewear


If you are looking for sports and safety eyewear we can take you through our specialist range. Please get in touch to find out more. 

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Onsite Glazing Lab

At Davies and Lowry Optometrists, we are lucky enough to have an onsite glazing lab. Most of our glasses are glazed on site by our technician who has over 40 years experience in his field. 

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